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Yorkshire Local Group

The Yorkshire Group meets at least four times a year. The annual programme usually includes a peer review, a business-related session, an social or indexing-relevant visit and our AGM followed by a Christmas meal. The group includes experienced and new indexers as well as trainees. It is a welcoming and friendly group offering members support and encouragement as  well as opportunities for continued professional development. All SI and SfEP members are welcome from near and far.

Dates for your diary - 2017


Wednesday 17th May - Bradford

11am National Science and Media Museum, Bradford. 

Please meet in the Museum entrance just before this time as we have a tour booked for 11am for a 'behind the scenes' look at the collections.

Lunch will follow afterwards.


Saturday 7th October - Wakefield

11am Café Create, Burton Street, WF1 2EB

Peer review - topic to be confirmed


Wednesday 6th December - York

11:30 AM ASK York, The Grand Assembly Rooms, Blake Street, York, YO1 8QG

Christmas lunch and AGM 


Past meetings

Saturday 4th March - Sheffield

Friends Meeting House, 10 St James Street, S1 2EW, followed by lunch at Blue Moon Café

We met at our usual venue, the Friends Meeting House andhad an open discussion on working to a budget in terms of money, time and space (where we have a restricted number of pages for the index). There were 8 of us in attendance and afterwards we went around the corner to the Blue Moon café for lunch 

Wednesday 7th December - York

As usual we planned our December meeting to coincide with the Christmas Fair in York. Eight members met for our informal AGM and Christmas lunch at ASK in the Assembly Rooms. We reviewed the meetings we'd held in 2016 and checked the status of our accounts. Then we scheduled meetings for 2017 before enjoying lunch in the splendid surroundings of the Assembly Rooms. During lunch we discussed the redesign of the SI website and plans for the 2017 conference. 
Ruth Ellis

Saturday 15 October - Wakefield
Six of us met on 15th October at Café Create in Wakefield. The theme was to be about bias and after unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable document to use for a peer review we ended up with a different sort of exercise. We took one of Donald Trump’s policy documents on immigration and had to choose a few terms which we would use for different types of archives – the Trump archive, the Republican Party Archive, The Democratic Party Archive, and The Library of Congress. We all discovered that it was a much more difficult exercise than we originally thought, and that trying to choose biased terms went against our usual indexing instincts of keeping terms neutral. Ruth Ellis led a lively and thought provoking discussion, and we covered how to deal with topics such as crime, Mexico, “the wall”, employment, immigration control, and illegal immigration. We decided that bias was generally produced with qualifiers rather than the terms themselves. We also discussed how some terms have different meanings in America than they do in Britain. With continuing globalization we wondered how much this will impact on our work as Indexers in the future. We had a lovely lunch before going our separate ways.
Sam Clark

Tuesday 28 June - Harrogate

A small group met for a social meeting in Harrogate. The heavens had opened on arrival but it shortly cleared up so we headed to the Valley Gardens for a walk. Given the setting we were expecting some Victorian promenaders to appear but alas it was not to be! The gardens lie on a geological faultline and there are 36 springs in the area. The development of these led to the growth of Harrogate as a spa town. We saw the restored 1858 Magnesia Well Pump Room and the well heads for the Magnesium and Chalybeate wells. The Magnesium well actually supplied a mildly sulphurous water which was very popular at the time as a diuretic. The Chalybeate well had a high iron content and was used for anaemic patients. Both wells supplied the Royal Pump Rooms via underground pipes. The Pump Room in the gardens is only open on a few occasions and so (sadly!) we did not get to taste the waters.  
After a lovely lunch at Le Jardin Bistro we went to the Mercer Art Gallery, where there was an exhbition on Capability Brown's landscapes in Yorkshire. New work by Kate Whiteford inspired by Brown's landscape at Harewood House was also on display.
We will have to save a visit to the Royal Pump Rooms for another occasion as we ran out of time for it... 
Ruth Ellis

Saturday 23 April - Sheffield

We met at the Friends Meeting House in Sheffield for a session entitled 'Ethics: Not Just a County in England' led by Jane Read.
Jane opened the session by sharing with us the unusual book she had indexed last year 'Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy' which she used to introduce us to various ethical theories.
We then moved on to considering various ethical dilemmas that may occur during an indexing career. The discussion was wide, with everyone having examples to give from past experience. Topics included:
How much should you take on subjects with which you are unfamiliar?
How to handle obsolete/offensive terminology in the text or dealing with an author who presents facts with a bias different to your own viewpoint.
How to negotiate when delayed files for several books all arrive at the same time and each client wants first priority.
When and what to tell the client if you fall ill or there is a personal crisis in the middle of a project.
What to do when an author want to make unreasonable changes to the index.
Whilst we did not have perfect solutions for all the scenarios, the contributions from everyone meant that we each came away with new thoughts on how to cope with ethical situations

Ruth Ellis


Tuesday 8 December - AGM and Christmas meal - York

Nine members met for our informal AGM and Christmas lunch in York at the Bar Convent Café  We reviewed the meetings held during in 2015, checked the status of our accounts and discussed plans for 2016 meetings. Over lunch we also discussed what topics we'd be interested in at the 2016 conference and the need for the website to be updated as more people browse the internet on mobile technology. Afterwards several members walked into the centre of York to enjoy the festivities at the Christmas market and to do some shopping.

Ruth Ellis


Saturday 17 October - Wakefield

A select group met for a peer review session at Create Cafe in Wakefield. The text chosen was a introduction to the UK planning system, available from discussion touched on a wide variety of topics: the use of specialist language for a general audience; the use of paragraph numbers as locators; the temptation to classify. During lunch we moved on to discuss how to index 1 or 2 mentions of legal cases in general texts and whether headings beginning with adjectives are becoming more common.

Jody Ineson 


Tuesday 16 June - Saltaire

Eight members of the group met at Salts Mill for coffee before heading on a walking tour around the World Heritage village, taking in the planned streets and houses for the millworkers, the churches, schools, almshouses and hospital. We finished our walk by crossing the canal and having a wander through Roberts Park before retiring back to the Mill for lunch in Salt's Diner. Over lunch we discussed Society business including conference plans and then we split up to explore the shops in the mill, including the wonderful bookshop and art gallery.

For those wanting to know more about Saltaire, please visit the village website 

Ruth Ellis


Tuesday 24 March - Sheffield 

We had a good turnout for a session on editing the index, led by Joan Dearnley. We discussed when we edit (as we index, at the end of chapter and at the end), what we edit (in particular subheadings) and how we edit (the different approaches).  Inevitably, and usefully, the discussions widened out to other aspects of indexing.

Afterwards, we went for lunch together at the Blue Moon Café and continued to broaden the topics talked about. As ever, it was useful to meet and share ideas and knowledge, and I am now using the very helpful subheading ‘overview’.

Claire Hodgson


Tuesday 9 December - AGM and Christmas meal

We met over coffee to review the year and to plan the activities for 2015. In 2014 we had an excellent session on 'how to be efficient' led by Ruth Ellis in the spring and a peer review in the autumn. Our plans for 2015 include continuing the discussion for 'how to be efficient' with a look at editing indexes, a trip to Saltaire and, as usual, a peer review. We followed our meeting with a Christmas meal.

Claire Hodgson


Saturday 11 October 2014 - Peer review

Five of us met at the Create cafe in Wakefield for a peer reveiw. As we usually tackle a text from a humanities field, it was good to have a suggestion from Pat Wormald for something with a bit more of a scientific bent. We indexed a BMA publication, Tackling healthcare infections through effective policy action. Whilst the subject was medical, the readership included policymakers so it was at a general level. The disussion included the different approaches required for different subjects as well as the various ways we index. We concluded by having lunch together and having a more general conversation.

Claire Hodgson


Saturday 22 March 2014 - How to be more efficient

Following on from last year's session on 'How I index', we planned a meeting to focus on how to be more efficient. Led by Ruth Ellis, we began by looking at starting the index and how preparation and planning could save time later, and help keep you on track during the indexing process. We discussed different approaches and how they could affect efficiency and what to do if you find yourself getting bogged down in a section or chapter. The importance of knowing your software and its shortcuts was covered, as well as additional aids from the high tech - macros - to the low tech - window pens. We also discussed the ideas on indexing efficiency and speed, including OHIO (only handle it once), espoused by Sylvia Coates in her 'Measuring worth' article in The Indexer of December 2012. Briefly touching on editing (we ran out of time!), this subject merits further discussion either as another session and/or an online discussion.

Altogether, a very interactive meeting which made me stand back and think how I could apply what we had discussed to improve my own efficiency; I have started already with the use of the template facility in Sky - something I had been unaware of.

Claire Hodgson



Email discussion list

The Yorkshire Group runs an email-based discussion group called SI-Yorks that is open to members of the Society.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

Ruth Ellis

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