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Sussex Local Group

The Sussex Group meet three times a year. In the spring and summer  gatherings  tend to be more social and at our winter meeting we have lunch followed by more formal discussions and presentations on index-related matters. All Society members are welcome, and we usually get a cross-section at meetings from very experienced indexers to absolute beginners. If you live locally and would like to meet some other indexers, why not come and join us at our next meeting?

Seven members of the Sussex group met in Haywards Heath on 16th May 2017 for lunch and to discuss a number of indexing topics. In addition to  topics including how indexes have changed over time, use of subheadings, strings and spans, the subject of the proposed changes to the SI subscription pattern was raised. Sussex members appreciated that combining the IA fee with the membership subscription would save administration costs as well as saving money for those people who paid both times. However, it was discussed that there are a number of circumstances in which members may specifically not want to be included in Indexers Available.

Next Meeting -   TBA



Our next meeting will be TBA


Everyone welcome.

 The Sussex Group runs an email-based discussion group called SI-Sussex that is open to members of the Society.

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