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East Anglia Local Group

The East Anglia Group meets three times a year. Our meetings are informal and friendly occasions, offering a useful opportunity to meet fellow indexers of all levels of experience for social contact and professional support. New and non-members are always welcomed with open arms.

2017 Diary Dates

November – Ipswich
Peer Review.

Previous Meetings

9th June 2017 at Brown's, Cambridge

Five of us assembled for a discussion of international differences between indexes, over lunch.  We began by considering the actual indexing conventions and then the wider differences between indexing in different English speaking areas, such as spellings and appropriate terminology for the intended audience.  The conversation moved on to a raft of other issues related to indexing and freelancing in the world of publishing.


21st February 2017 at The Assembly House, Norwich

A select group of 4 of us met for an enjoyable meal at the Assembly House.  We brought a range of books and course notes along to discuss the resources which we found useful.  They were very varied, including SI materials, ASI Webinars and reference books from a number of authors.  Different resources all had their own strengths and we all found it useful to look at the ones we did not have ourselves.  One discussion led to another and we also considered the treatment of metatopics, levels of specificity and the changing terminology of indexing.  The discussion was nothing if  not wide-ranging.  Everyone who attended found the meeting very useful and we were all glad of the opportunity to exchange our news.

3rd November 2016 at The Angel, Bury St Edmunds

The Angel continues to be a very pleasant setting for a sociable meeting over lunch. Six members of the Group attended and we managed to pack in a lot of discussion. The document used for the peer review was Lost Boys, a short report on the gender gap in education. We compared our indexes and discussed various issues including how to deal effectively with lots of statistics and diagrams, how detailed to make the index, metatopic entries and repetition of similar information. Finally we planned an outline of next year’s programme. Precise dates will be organised nearer the time.

6th July 2016 at Browns, Cambridge

Seven members of the Group met for a leisurely and sociable lunch. Everyone came prepared to talk for few minutes about an index of their choice, so that the group could discuss what makes particular indexes effective. Three members brought examples of their own indexes; the others brought books in their different areas of interest. The discussion touched on different styles of index headings, adapting an index for its audience, working with editors and authors, dealing with informative illustrations and coping with space constraints.

4th March 2016, at The Assembly House, Norwich

The meeting was a social event attended by six people. We all contributed our recent news about indexes we had worked on or progress made towards accreditation. We discussed a variety of indexing issues: dealing with names effectively, training and support with indexing software, coping with major pagination changes, either while the index is under construction or after it has been completed. We also considered how to develop links with the SfEP.

November 25th 2015 - The Angel, Bury St Edmunds

Five of us met for a Peer Review of an article by John Sutherland on Publishing History and Literary Sociology. Discussion was wide-ranging and fascinating, as always, aidied by six very different indexes (one member was ill but kindly sent their index to add to discussions). We proved yet again that all indexers will approach a published item differently and all indexing projects present unique problems to solve, which means that rules are sometimes bent, if not snapped in half altogether. The food as always at The Angel was delicious and the company very welcome.

April 15th 2015 - Waterfront Gallery Cafe, Ipswich

Four of us met on the hottest day of the year (so far) and abandoned al-fresco dining for fear of sun-burn! We retreated to the student-filled cafe and ate sandwiches and cookies whilst discussing our optimum working conditions. Conclusion - a garden office that allowed us to separate home and office work, without distraction, interruption or the need to tidy away after a short period of time! Sadly this is a pipe dream for most of us, who struggle with family shared facilities and constant interruptions, but still manage to enjoy the work we undertake.

January 21st 2015 - Assembly House, Norwich

Five of us met for a social, post-Christmas/New Year catchup. The Assembly House was beautiful, full Regency decor with service and food to match. Talk ranged over the usual topics, but focused particularly on marketing, which proved invaluble for the students and newly accredited amongst us.

The East Anglia Group runs an email-based discussion group that is open to members of the Society.

Further information

For further information, please contact the group coordinator:

Caroline Maxwell.

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