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Membership benefits

SIdelights newsletter

Our lively and informative newsletter, SIdelights is published quarterly and mailed to all members. In addition, members have online access to  the newsletter, together with the index of all issues from 1999.

The Indexer journal

As a member, you receive a free subscription (printed and online) to The Indexer, the international journal of indexing. This carries a wide range of practical and theoretical articles on indexing and is published quarterly (in March, June, September and December).

Email lists

Members get access to a variety of email discussion lists:

  • SIdeline (subscription form) a very active general discussion list about all matters related to indexing and life as an indexer. If you've got an indexing problem, someone on SIdeline will probaby be able to help you.
  • SI-Announce, our announcements-only list to keep you up to date with Society issues and events.
  • local and special interest groups have their own lists to keep members in touch with one another between meetings and facilitate discussion about indexing in specialized fields.
  • SI-Student, a dedicated list for those undertaking the Society’s Training in Indexing course. The list helps to combat the isolation of distance learning and enables trainees to exchange experiences and discuss common problems.


The Society runs its own web-based distance-learning course, "Training in Indexing", consisting of four assessed modules plus a practical indexing assignment and three online tutorials. Successful completion leads to Accreditation and Professional Membership of the Society.

Membership Grades and Qualifications

Membership, and the SI logo, are not in themselves indicators of indexing competence, and should not therefore be used as such on members' websites and promotional materials.

There are four grades of membership available to training and qualified indexers:

Student Membership
Each student enrolled on the training course is entitled to use the description 'Student Member of the Society of Indexers', and may use this in correspondence with potential clients. Student Membership ceases upon gaining accreditation, or if the student is un-enrolled from the course.

Professional Membership
Professional Membership is awarded to members qualifiying through the SI Training in Indexing course and gaining the status of Accredited Indexer. Further details are available here.

Highly experienced indexers may take an abbreviated testing procedure based on the SI course in order to achieve Accreditation. Details available here 

Professional Members can use the postnominal MSocInd and the Professional Member version of the SI Logo on their stationery and websites. They are eligible for an entry in Indexers Available, providing they have produced an index in the last two years. Newly qualified indexers automatically get an entry for two years without production of an index.

Advanced Professional Membership
Professional Members who have reached a certain level of experience can apply for Advanced Professional Membership. Details of eligibility and evidence criteria are available here [Member Login required].
Advanced Professional Members can use the postnominal MSocInd(Adv) and the Advanced Professional version of the SI Logo on their stationery and websites.

Members who have achieved Advanced Professional Membership and have a further two years' experience may apply for Fellowship. Details of the application and assessment process involved in gaining this qualification is available here [Member Login required].

Fellows can use the postnominal FSocInd and the Fellow version of the SI Logo on their stationery and websites.

Please note that no applications for Fellowship are currently being accepted, pending a review of the Fellowship membership grade.

Indexers Available directory

Our Directory of Indexers Available is updated continuously; all members who hold recognized qualifications in indexing are entitled to take an entry. The directory is widely publicized amongst publishers, and at an entry fee of only £20 a year, there could hardly be a more cost-effective way of advertising your services.


Members receive discounts on selected books on indexing and on our own publications.


Discounts for those members attending our annual conferences. An ideal opportunity to combine CPD with social networking.


Discounts on workshop fees; we run an active programme of workshops aimed at both beginners and experienced indexers.

Local groups

Access to local group meetings. Most local groups have an active programme of events and their own email discussion lists.

Special interest groups

Access to special interest groups, for indexers working in specialized areas, who mainly keep in touch via dedicated email lists.

Information and advice

Access to online information leaflets and booklets on various aspects of indexing and running a freelance business.

Other organizations

Members of the Society receive discounts on Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) workshops and conferences, Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) conferences, and the conferences, meetings and publications of indexing societies in Australia, Canada, Southern Africa and the United States.

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