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Executive Board

- the team of volunteers that run the Society

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Executive Board is the team of volunteers who run the Society

As the Society is a "company limited by guarantee" the members of the Executive Board are registered with Companies House as Company Directors and so, under UK law, they must not have been disqualified by a court from acting as a company director, nor may they be undischarged bankrupts.

There may be between 5 and 9 elected directors, who are Society members elected at an AGM for a term of three years, and can be re-elected for one further term of three years. Directors may also be co-opted by the Board until the next AGM.

The Board elects a Chair and Vice-chair from among their number.

The Board accepts ultimate responsibility for everything done in the Society's name and for ensuring that it is run in accordance with its governing documents and UK legislation.

Society's Regulations Memorandum and Articles of Association


Chair Ann Kingdom
Vice Chair and Finance Janice Rayment
Training Ann Hudson
Members' Services Sue Tricklebank
Without portfolio Marian Aird
  Rosemary Dear
  Emma Caddy
Secretary John Silvester


Four Board meetings (minimum) are held each year, either in person (usually in London), or via "Skype". Discussion happens between meetings via the SI-executive mailing list.

Board members also usually attend the Annual General Meeting of the Society, usually held at the annual Conference.


Physical board meetings are usually held in London, but there are virtual "Skype" meetings and continual discussion throughout the year on the SI-executive mailing list.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society, which Board members usually attend, is held at the annual Conference which is held at various locations around the UK (and occasionally abroad).


As an Association every Society member was ultimately liable for the debts of the whole Society. It was decided to limit that liability to each member's membership fee by making the Society a Limited Company. As a Limited Company UK law requires that it has a Board of Directors to take responsibility for the Society's actions. Without a Board of Directors, or with fewer than 5 elected directors, the Society would be not be allowed to operate and could only carry out the tasks necessary to elect new directors.


To become an Executive Board member you have to put your name forward, seconded by two other SI members, and stand for election at AGM. In practice, however, it takes some time for an EB member to come up to speed, understanding everything which is going on in the Society, and being able to make an effective contribution. So it is has proven better for volunteers to talk to existing EB members and gain an understanding of how they can best contribute, for EB to co-opt the person onto EB and for them to shadow the outgoing EB member for the rest of the year, until election at the next AGM. This provides a smoother handover, shorter learning curve and better continuity, without causing unnecessary disruption in the areas of the Society reporting to that director.

EB Members Welcome Letter Director's Job Description


If you have any topics which you think need to be discussed by EB you can:

  • email a member of EB directly using the addresses on the Who tab
  • pass on the message through your local group EB contact
  • start a discussion on SIdeline
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