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Training in Indexing

Email discussion list

There is a dedicated email discussion list, SI-Student, for members of the Society who are also students.

Email helpline

A student having a query about a topic in the Course Modules can get help from a Course Advisor via the email helpline.

You can ask about exercises on the training site, or for help in understanding some of the basic principles and practices of indexing. The helpline is not intended generally for queries on the formal tests - for more information on this, follow the above link.

You should not reveal your candidate number, which forms part of the Test Paper reference, when contacting the helpline - only the SI Office should know who the candidates are.

This service is only for students who are SI members.

Student Representative

The role of the Student Representative is to provide a channel of communication between student members and the Training Course Committee. It is an elected position, appointment following a student vote. Currently the Student Rep role is vacant.

Quick reference for current students

Important information for students currently working on the training course has been collected together here.



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