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Training in Indexing

Module A  (Amended 2014)
Introducing Indexing: indexers, users and documents

  • basic indexing terminology
  • the functions and characteristics of indexes
  • what users want from indexes
  • what kind of people make good indexers
  • the indexing process
  • the role of authors and other document originators
  • document production and categorization
  • the role of the indexer in the new digital environment
  • why human analytical indexing is superior to full text search or ‘automated indexing’

For a sample extract from the current Module A click here.

For information about how the Module A revision affects the Module Tests click here.

Module B
Choosing the Words: term selection and the formation and arrangement of headings and subheadings

  • selecting concepts for indexing
  • choosing appropriate index terms
  • forming headings and subheadings
  • devising cross-references

Module C
Names and Numbers: filing order, proper names and locators

  • rules for arranging index entries
  • compiling multiple sequences of indexes
  • indexing proper names
  • presenting locators (page numbers)

Module D
Finishing Touches and Beyond: index presentation, specialized forms and applications

  • indexing books and journals (periodicals)
  • index layout, presentation and delivery
  • embedded indexing
  • website indexing
  • thesaurus construction
  • indexing for computer-based search systems
  • team and cumulative indexing


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