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Training in Indexing

Hosted by Nelson Croom, who have a proven track record in providing training packages for professional organizations, the web-based platform offers seamless access to:

  • Study materials – download each section as you need it
  • Practice exercises and quizzes – review your progress and assess your readiness for the formal tests
  • Resources area – links to a wide range of useful resources

For a sample extract from Module A click here [ 400 kB  ].

The course was updated for the 4th edition:

  • Study materials have been revised to reflect current practices and student feedback
  • Important material from relevant Standards on indexing is incorporated in the course modules

Some ongoing revision is taking place, with a revised version of Module A, setting indexing more firmly in the context of the digital publishing environment, now available.

The course offers a flexible approach:

  • Pricing structure – spread the costs by paying for each module separately as you progress through the course. See below for details
  • Progress at your own speed through the four modules
  • Up to four years allowed to complete the course
  • Start at any time of the year

And there is plenty of personal contact and support:

  • Online tutorials – practise indexing, with discussions led by an experienced indexer
  • Email discussion list – keep in touch with fellow students on a dedicated email list
  • Helpline – having problems? Access to a course advisor for help on specific points


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