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Training in Indexing

The Society runs its own distance-learning course, "Training in Indexing", consisting of four assessed modules plus a practical indexing assignment and three online tutorials. New students starting the course in January 2016 will also take an online workshop in Word embedded indexing, when they reach Module D.

Accreditation by the Society of Indexers is a professional and vocational qualification and a high standard is required to pass, to ensure competency in the commercial world. The course was awarded the CILIP Seal of Recognition by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in acknowledgement of its relevance in the information field. (The Seal is now discontinued).

Highly experienced Indexers wishing to achieve accreditation can apply for an abbreviated assessment process which is based on the SI course. Details available here.

The following information is about the current 4th edition of the course.

For information about the previous 3rd edition, please contact the SI Office

The course is aimed at:

  • anyone who wishes to embark on a career as a professional indexer
  • anyone who needs to extend their knowledge of indexing in order to enhance professional development and career prospects
  • indexers wishing to update and formalize their knowledge so that they
    can re-enter the market

 For more information about the course see the published article 'Training in indexing: the Society of Indexers' course' [ 22 kB ]; please note, however, that this article describes the previous (3rd) edition of the course.

Members can view the results of the 2013 Training Course Survey of students and newly qualified indexers here

Information about how long it takes to get established as an indexer can be found here.

Click on the 'About' tab to read how our course relates to developments in e-publishing.

Diary of a trainee indexer

One individual's experience of working her way through the course is detailed in the 'Diary of a trainee indexer' in the October 2005 issue of The Indexer.

Feedback on the course

To read comments on the course by some recent students click here

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