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Business websites for busy indexers

Tutor: Jan Worrall 

Personalised Design
Simple Design
Comparison of designs
Website creation process
Tutor profile
Booking the workshop

 Would you like to have an ‘online’ presence?

Do you feel it would enhance your image to have a website to market your skills?

If the answer is ‘yes’ but you do not have the time or skills to create a
website yourself this combined service and online workshop is for you.

The tutor will create your initial website according to your preferred options for design and chosen content. You will then be shown the simple procedures necessary to edit content if you want to change text later, add images or add additional pages.

  • a website created for you according to your preferences
  • guidance in basic editing procedures to update pages
  • up to 6 pages of content (you will be shown how to add further pages yourself)
  • no knowledge of html or complex computer skills needed
  • free website – no annual costs (upgrading to a paid version allows your own personalised domain name)
  • website is optimised for desk, mobile and tablet
  • post-workshop help available for a small additional fee
  • personalised design or simple design*
  • all communication and development carried out online

See below for details of options available

* simple website design option available for those who have less confidence with computer software  

Why do I need a website?

Today the internet is everywhere. There is  scarcely an organisation, society or business of even the smallest size that does not have an internet presence. Individuals have blogs and social media accounts. 

Indexers work in a commercial world – the world of publishing. Publishers and authors expect to find information about services on the internet – if they are looking for an indexer, and have not used Indexers Available, they will Google indexing services, or maybe a specific subject specialism. This will almost certainly bring up the SI website with the link to Indexers Available, but it will also bring up a list of indexers with individual websites.

  • Your website is a window where you can describe your services in detail
  • It can be linked from your IA entry, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or Twitter account
  • A link can be included in email signature and added to comments contributed to forum discussions

There are two levels for this workshop:

Personalized Design option (cost £80)Example of personalized design

This uses a website builder that offers lots of options to allow an individual design. You will give the tutor your ideas and preferences (you may provide a sketch or design yourself) and the tutor will use these to realise a suitable website for you. 

You will be given guidance in how to edit the site to input text, add images and pages. The editing facility in this website builder is straightforward, but may take a little getting used to. There are also good help files online so once you have the skills there is potential for you to further develop your website if you wish.

The software facilitates the addition of metadata to encourage search engine listing. 

 For indexers who are less confident about using new programs, a simpler version of website design facility can be used, although the resulting website is more formulaic:

Simple Design option (cost £60)

This employs a different website builder with an editing facility located within a text editor similar to Wordpad; editing is easy and safe with placement of text and images controlled. You will be given guidance in these basic editing procedures.

Customisation is limited to a choice of one of three template layouts,  a choice of integrated colour themes (applied automatically) and a limited choice of fonts. Some limited website development, within the restrictions of the software, is possible once you are familiar with editing.

There is no metadata facility for search engine listing.   

See below for a comparison table of the two options or longer summary

Download a file of further examples of both options

contactIf you have any questions, having reviewed all the information and materials, you can contact Jan on ''

Website creation process

The workshop can accommodate up to four participants a month. Please check the Workshop Bookings page to see when a space is next available.

When you have selected and bought your option the tutor will contact you with questionnaires for you to complete. The information you provide will enable the tutor to set up the website with a home-page for you to view. Some discussion on the layout may follow and when you are happy with how it looks the website will be completed. You will then be sent a powerpoint tutorial on editing and may additionally request a live Skype session to guide you.

Booking the workshop

Before purchasing this workshop contact the tutor on to arrange a mutually convenient slot.

Comparison of options

  Personalized Design Simple Design
Customization of Design

Yes - you can supply ideas for your own website appearance or select from options in the design questionnaire.
Your site can be very individual

Limited - design is controlled by software.Three slightly different layouts, with a selection of colour themes (themes applied automatically by website software).
Your site will have some similarities with other indexers taking this option.

 Fonts Good selections of fonts can be used throughout site. Any text can be coloured and given typographical distinction (italic, bold) Very limited choice of fonts for header.
Limited choice of fonts for text.
Font text can be coloured and distinguished typographically.
Can I add images/other media? Yes, positioned where you wish. Images can be used as background for header, page or site.
Slide galleries and slide shows can be added.
Yes, position is pre-determined by website software.
Not possible to use background images.
Limited slide gallery facility.
Can I have social networking links? Yes - icon buttons available.
Feeds from Twitter, Facebook etc possible.
No icon buttons available.
Links need to be added as web addresses.
(Metadata is information in the code of the website which helps search engines list and describe your website)
You can enter your own metadata descriptions and keywords for the site as a whole and for individual pages. No metadata facility for website or pages.
Editing: how will I learn to edit my website? Powerpoint file provided with step-by-step instructions on adding and editing text, adding pages, and adding images.
Skype session with tutor offered using the Skype sharescreen facility.
Website builder site has extensive help files.
Powerpoint file with step-by-step instructions on adding and editing text, adding pages, and adding images.
Skype session with tutor offered using the Skype sharescreen facility.
Virtually no website builder help files.
Editing: how difficult is it to edit the site? Editing system is individual to the website builder software and editing done in the webpage itself.  It is a comprehensive editing facility which can take a little time to become familiar with but anyone who is reasonably confident using computer software should find it no problem. Very limited editing is allowed.
Editing takes place in a dedicated editor similar to Wordpad. It is very straightforward.
Can I have my own domain name?
Yes, if you upgrade to a paid version. Yes, if you upgrade to a paid version.
What if I get stuck? Previous saved versions of site are retained, possible to view these and reload a prior version.
Post workshop help available for a small additional fee based on SI rate.
Post workshop help is available for a small additional fee based on SI rate.
Cost  £80  £60







































 Summary of Options

Personalised Design: Layout and look of website is highly customisable, own template used if wished or built according to stated preferences. Images can be used as backgrounds, or added onto pages wherever desired. Social media links can appear as buttons. Metadata for search engine listing can be added. Editing is done on the page, takes a little time to learn, but is smooth and relatively straightforward for anyone with reasonable software skills. There are good help files and advice on the website builder site. Possible to develop site extensively, improve design, add additional elements once familiar with software.

Simple Design: Layout options are limited, designs applied by the website builder and cannot be further customised. Images can be added to pages only (not backgrounds), positioned by software. No social media buttons, or metadata for search engine listing. Editing very straightforward done in a separate Word editor. Virtually no help files. Easy to maintain and add elements within the restrictions of the software. Some limited development and design changes possible once familiar with software.

 Tutor Profile: Jan Worrall

Jan has been a member of SI for 18 years and has been involved in training for over 10 years. She served on the Executive Board from 2008–2014 and contributes to the training course and continuing professional development committees. Jan has run two ‘live’ website workshops at SI conferences and has maintained her own website for 8 years.

See Jan's own website built using the workshop website facility


 Participant comments 

“I attended a live workshop as I wanted to set up a website but had no idea or confidence in how to set one up myself. Jan was very patient and helped me set up a professional looking website. Jan was available afterwards to answer a few queries, which really helped. I am happy with the end product, as witnessed by the work enquiries from it. I have managed to edit it occasionally even though it is a few years since the workshop.
            – Martin Bates (Live workshop)

Jan set up a very professional looking website for me. I would not have embarked on it on my own, but with Jan's guidance I have now developed and expanded it and added metadata which has greatly improved my Google rankings.”
        – Ann Hudson (Online trial)









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