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Wessex Local Group


Meetings are held bi-annually, usually midweek, and are open to all who are able to attend. Our members are currently from Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey but we are always looking for new members.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be in DECEMBER 2017, in WINCHESTER.



Previous meetings

May 2017

We met for lunch at the cafe at Winchester Guildhall. We were pleased to welcome a new member to our group. As usual, we talked about general indexing issues and other topics, such as Brexit. We also discussed Indexers Available. I gave the group a 'heads up' about the future of the group pages.

The next meeting will be December 2017 at the Christmas market in Winchester.

May 2016

We met for lunch at the Art Cafe in Winchester. Unfortunately we have lost our new member but it was nice to see familiar faces again. We see the meetings as a social event but did discuss several indexing issues including what to do in the case of non-payment of invoices, Taylor & Francis, the forthcoming conference and invoice formats.

We plan to meet again in December and the meeting will probably involve the Winchester Christmas Market....... 

December 2015

The Wessex Group met for lunch in Winchester on Wednesday December 16th. We welcomed a new member, Rob Melotti, who is currently taking the training course. We discussed a number of indexing related issues included accounting and tax returns, joint meetings with the SfEP and the takeover of Ashgate Publishing.


Email discussion list

The Wessex Group runs an email-based discussion group called SI-Wessex that is open to members of the Society.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

Kathryn O’Donoghue
15 Hussars Drive
RG19 4PH
Tel: 01635 868368
Mob: 07747 125958

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