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Local Groups Forthcoming Meetings

For more details about these meetings please go to the individual group pages or contact the group's organiser.        

January 2017

Three Choirs Group:

The next meeting will be a working meeting on the subject of How We Work.  We thought it would be fun to talk about various ways we work, things we might do to make life easier or whatever comes to mind.  

We start off at The Royal, 54 Horsefair St, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL53 8JH (opposite St Mary's Church), and move over the road to the Stanton Room, Charlton Kings Library, GL53 8AR, for our meeting. The room has a data projector, and we can plug laptops into it to show each other how we work.

There will be coffee available at the Royal from opening time at 11am, so arrive whenever you like. We are having an early, pre-ordered lunch at 12.10, in order to go over to the Stanton Room for the meeting from 1.00 to 3.00. 

When you know you are coming please let me know and I will send you the menu.  Make your choice and send it to Barbara Hird (, by Thursday 19th January.

North East Group:

There is a meeting for lunch in Newcastle on Monday January 16th which is a combination of post Christmas/farewell to the old guard! 

Please contact Susan Austin (











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