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Log-in and password help

Are you looking for the Indexers Training Course website?

Please follow this link

Students will have received separate instructions on how to access the training course.

Website members' area: Forgotten login details

Username: Most members' usernames follow the pattern described below.

If this doesn't help, use the following Password procedure.

Password: Will remind you of your username and reset your password .

Before doing so, please first read the Illustrated instructions [ 230 kB ].

Click the 'Lost Password?' button in the log-in panel. A message requesting your email address will appear.

This must be the email address you gave on your Society of Indexers' membership application form. (See note 1)

In due course you will receive an automated notification email with an activation password. Click on the link provided: This will open three text-fields in the 'Member log-in' panel. Copy/paste the password from the email into the top text-field then use the others to create a new memorable password of your choosing.


  1. If the email address you type does not match the one stored on the website, a message wil report 'no active account for that email'. If this occurs, email the SI-Office    with your membership details and correct email address.

  2. Passwords for the Training in Indexing website, Indexers Available, SIdeline, SI-Announce and local group discussion lists should not be confused with the log-in details for the members' area of this website.

  3. If, despite following the above instructions, you continue to have difficulties, then forward your notification email with a succinct description of the problem to


New members

Personal data and password notification

New members will receive a username (log-in ID) and password notification email with details of how to log in to the members' area of the website.

Your username  is created from [Surname][Forename-initial] e.g. ShakespeareW.

Usernames are not case-sensitive. We display them with capitalised letters only to aid legibility. To avoid any duplication of IDs an additional letter has been added to some members' usernames.

Passwords are case-sensitive so must be entered exactly as shown on your password notification email.

When logging in for the first time (especially when entering a randomly generated password), copy and paste the information from your email.
Following 3 incorrect attempts, the system will block access to that ID for 60 minutes.

From the member login panel after logging in, you can do the following:

  • View your details: click your username. This will display your username, full name and email address held in the website database. *
  • Change your password: there is a link in the member login panel.

If you are having problems logging in, especially for the first time, please forward your password notification email to

This email adress is protected against spam. To view the adress you have to enable JavaScript.
and we will check it.

Other points

Members must provide an email address in order to be allocated a password. Society members who have not previously provided us with an email address can receive a password by emailing

This email adress is protected against spam. To view the adress you have to enable JavaScript.
giving name, address and Society membership number.

If you wish to change your website username (e.g. following a surname change), please use the same email contact.

We do not have a 'list' of members' passwords because they are stored in encrypted form on the website. The only person who knows your password is yourself, so please change it to something memorable.

* The Society of Indexers complies with the Data Protection Act in regard to the storage and processing of members' personal data.

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