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Controlling your SIdeline subscription via email

To control your subscription via email

Compose a new message from the email address which is subscribed to SIdeline.

Address your message to:

This email adress is protected against spam. To view the adress you have to enable JavaScript.

Put in the Subject line:

set authenticate your-SIdeline-password

substituting your-SIdeline-password with your SIdeline mailing list password, which you will have received in the monthly membership reminders.

In the body of your message, you can include your subscription commands. The full list is as follows; you only need to include those commands that are relevant, each on a new line:

set show [address=<address>]
View your current option settings. If you’re posting from an address other than your membership address, specify your membership address with “address=<address>” (no brackets around the email address, and no quotes!).

set delivery on
set delivery off

Turn delivery on or off. This does not unsubscribe you, but instead tells Mailman not to deliver messages to you for now. This is useful if you’re going on vacation. Be sure to use “set delivery on” when you return from vacation!

set digest plain
set digest mime
set digest off

When the “digest” option is turned off, you will receive postings immediately when they are posted. Use “set digest plain” if instead you want to receive postings bundled into a plain text digest (i.e. RFC 1153 digest). Use “set digest mime” if instead you want to receive postings bundled together into a MIME digest.

set ack on
set ack off

When the “ack” option is turned on, you will receive an acknowledgement message whenever you post a message to the list.

set myposts on
set myposts off

Use “set myposts off” to not receive copies of messages you post to the list. This has no effect if you’re receiving digests.

set hide on
set hide off

Use “set hide on” to conceal your email address when people request the membership list.

set duplicates on
set duplicates off

Use “set duplicates off” if you want Mailman to not send you messages if your address is explicitly mentioned in the To: or Cc: fields of the message. This can reduce the number of duplicate postings you will receive.

set reminders on
set reminders off

Use “set reminders off” if you want to disable the monthly password reminder for this mailing list.

An example message thus looks like:

SUBJECT: set authenticate foobar
    set delivery off
    set reminders on
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