The Society of Indexers

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About indexing

Human or computer produced indexes?

Full text searches

Indexing software

  • A summary of dedicated indexing software applications, which automate routine tasks and enable the indexer to concentrate on the intellectual tasks of subject analysis and constructing a user-friendly guide to the document's content.

FAQs about indexes and indexing

Meet an indexer

  • The profiles featured here help to give an insight into the kind of people who become indexers and show how much they enjoy their work. This document describes the development of the career of a freelance indexer and of the Society of Indexers from the 1960s.

Indexing children's books

  • An article by Valerie A. Elliston reproduced from the Children’s Writers and Artists Yearbook explains the importance of including good indexes in children's books.

Indexing and international indexing societies

Awards: recognizing excellence in indexing

Reading list


Usability of indexes

  • Reports and studies of the usability of indexes.

BBC Radio 4 “Front Row” programme on indexes

Henry Wheatley, founder of the Index Society

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