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Continuing Professional Development

The SI is committed to providing opportunities for continuing professional development for indexers at all stages of their careers. Through workshops, conferences and local groups members can maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives.

Some online CPD courses from Nelson Croom  are available to SI members at a 10% discount.

American Society for Indexing online courses are available to SI members at ASI member rates.

*****Available January 2015 - Practical Taxonomy Creation by Heather Hedden*****

 Read a review of the UC Berkeley Extension course on Embedded Indexing and Indexing of e-books.

A 'Brush up your indexing' online tutorial is available to experienced working indexers, including those considering applying for Fellowship.

The Society’s Personal Development Plan is intended to provide a structured approach to help indexers plan and organize their professional development. Completion of this plan is voluntary, but all members are urged to look at it from time to time and give some thought as to how they can extend their professional skills and knowledge and further develop their working lives.

In 1998, the Society conducted a survey of members asking them about their CPD activities. Results of the survey are presented here.

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