The Society of Indexers

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Qualifying for Professional Grades with the Society of Indexers

There are four grades of membership, related to the Society’s qualifications:

  • Student Member
  • Professional Member (MSocInd)
  • Advanced Professional Member (MSoc Ind (Adv))
  • Fellow (FSocInd)

Any member taking the Society’s open learning course (Training in Indexing) is awarded the status of Student Member.

Accreditation and Professional Membership

Student Members who successfully complete the course are entitled to the status of Accredited Indexer (AI) provided they remain members of the Society. They are also awarded the grade of Professional Member. Highly experienced indexers may also qualify as Accredited Indexers through an abbreviated testing procedure based on the SI  course. Details available here.

Advanced Professional Membership

After two further years, and with an appropriate level of experience, Professional Members can progress to Advanced Professional Member status.


Advanced Professional Members with an additional two years of experience may apply for Fellowship. After sitting a short test paper (waived for members who apply within five years of Accreditation or passing the Advanced test), they are required to submit an index of sufficient complexity for examination by the Society’s Assessors and to complete a searching questionnaire. Successful applicants receive the grade of Fellow (which is maintained so long as they remain members of the Society).

Ungraded members of the Society may also apply for Fellowship, though an additional period of experience and membership is required and two indexes will need to be submitted.

Flowcharts showing the routes to Fellowship for different member positions are available here.

Qualifications and membership grades are indicated in the entries in the Society’s directory of Indexers Available.

Supporting the Society’s aims

The training, qualification and grading structure supports these aims of the Society:

  • to promote improved standards and techniques in all forms of indexing
  • to provide and recognize facilities for the initial training of new indexers and to promote opportunities for further training and professional development
  • to establish criteria for the assessment of the conformity of indexes to recognized standards
  • to establish procedures for conferring upon members of the Society recognized professional status where appropriate
  • to unite indexers, librarians, authors and publishers in the advancement of indexing


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