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How to edit an index: creating order out of chaos


(Online version. For details of live workshop version, click here.)

Tutor: Ann Hudson

This workshop focusses on the all-important editing stage, when raw entries must be refined into something clear, concise, well arranged and user-friendly. Based on Ann's popular 'live' workshop, attended by more than 100 SI members, it covers a lot more ground and includes many practical examples and tips, as well as 12 practice exercises and tutor support.

Topics include:

  • establishing an efficient and methodical checking system
  • time-saving tips
  • editing and checking on-screen or on hard copy
  • efficient checking of cross-references and double entries
  • dealing with strings
  • using the page number order file
  • common editing pitfalls to avoid
  • editing as you go along to save time at the end.

Workshop features:

  • Powerpoint format, suitable for PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • work at your own pace
  • keep the course materials to refer back to later
  • tutor support by email (up to one hour of tutor time included)
  • Certificate of Completion for use as evidence of training or CPD

Suitable for:

  • qualified indexers who want to improve and update their skills
  • training course students (though not absolute beginners)


  • Ann has been indexing for more than 30 years and draws on her extensive experience for this workshop
  • She has given many workshops for indexers and indexing students as well as in-house workshops for publishers
  • She is fascinated by all aspects of indexing and likes her workshops to be enjoyable as well as useful
  • She is currently the SI Training Director


  • I really enjoyed the workshop and being able to do it at my own pace. I think everything was very well explained and the slideshow format worked really well too. I think it was good value for money.  (Mhairi Gray)
  • I did the workshop to help me to prepare for the Module D exam and to index longer and more complex works. The powerpoint slides included practical tips and strategies that I had not thought of using before, and the exercises provided an opportunity to try them out. Ann's feedback was clear and provided further insights into the thinking behind some of the tricky decisions to be made when indexing. I would recommend the workshop to anyone looking to become more adept and efficient in his or her methods of indexing. (Jay Heaton) 

To book for this workshop, go to the Workshops page. Please leave the date field on the booking form blank. 

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