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Fellowship of the Society

It should be the aim of every Professional Member to become a Fellow.

Professional Members are either Accredited Indexers who have completed the Society's open learning qualification and have shown theoretical and practical competence in indexing within the confines of the Society; or other qualified members who have completed another recognised training course before 31 December 2011. All Accredited Indexers  are encouraged to seek commercial work as soon as possible after training and may apply for Advanced Professional Membership after two years if they have sufficient experience. Further commercial experience will allow Advanced Professional Members to apply for Fellowship.

Fellows are those whose experience and competence in indexing for publishers and other bodies has been recognised and approved by the Society's Fellowship assessment procedure.

Logo for use by Fellows of the Society of IndexersFellows are permitted to use a specially-adapted version of the Society’s logo on their personal website and business stationery, and to use the postnominal FSocInd, whilst they remain members of the Society. The Fellow's logo is shown right.

Please note that no applications for Fellowship are currently being accepted, pending a review of the Fellowship membership grade.

A background paper on the Fellowship review is available to download here

If you wish to make any comments on Fellowship please send them to

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