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Publications for sale

Society publications for sale

The following Society of Indexers publications are available for purchase. Discounts are only available to SI members and members of overseas indexing organisations. All prices include postage and packing. Payment details (including Paypal) below.  

Publication SI Members Non-members
UK Overseas UK Overseas
OP1: Bell, H. Indexing biographies and other stories of human lives, 3rd edn, 2004
The third edition of this invaluable guide, written by an experienced indexer who has specialized in the indexing of biographies for many years, includes more examples and entirely new chapters. Available for sale via Lulu only.
OP4: Beare, G. Indexing newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, 1999 £13.50 £15.50 £14.50 £16.50
A practical, accessible and interesting guide, from the indexer of the Strand Magazine and Punch. Full of useful — and often entertaining — examples.
OP5: Bakewell, K.G.B. & Williams, Paula L. Indexing children’s books, 2000 £13.50 £15.50 £14.50 £16.50
Based on research into index use, this highlights the essential features that should be included in indexes to all books for children.
Wheatley, H. B. What is an index? Facsimile edn. Society of Indexers, 2002 * £15.00* £17.00* £16.00* £18.00*
Wheatley, H. B. How to make an index. Facsimile edn. Society of Indexers, 2002 * £18.00* £20.00* £19.00* £21.00*
Special offer - both facsimile editions of Wheatley's books £30.00 £34.00 £31.00 £35.00
* Limited edition facsimile reprints of two indexing classics that encapsulate with wit and humour the very spirit in which indexers still work. Special offer price for both books purchased at the same time.
E&OE. This price list valid from 1 September 2007.

Non-Society publications for sale

Publication SI Members Non-members
UK Overseas UK Overseas

Booth, P. F. Indexing: the manual of good practice. K.G. Saur, 2001

£85.00 £90.00 £110.00 £120.00
Bell, Hazel K. Indexers and Indexing in Fact & Fiction, 2001
£7.00 £9.00 £8.00 £10.00

 E&OE. This price list valid from 19 November 2009.


The American Society for Indexing also publishes a number of specialist books on indexing [link to]. These may be purchased by SI members at ASI member prices.

The Society no longer sells Names of persons: national usages for entry in catalogues (4th edn, K.G. Saur, 1996) as we are unable to supply it at a discount for our members. It can be ordered from the publisher, or through bookshops.

Availability and ordering

All publications are available from the Society at the address below.

Please pay using the Paypal shopping cart buttons (except those which are available via Lulu or direct from publishers). Select the price you should pay from the drop-down selector above  each button.

If you don't have a Paypal account, you can use a credit card at the Paypal checkout. Alternatively you can use the Order form to make your purchases and return it to the address at the foot of the page.


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